Ventsislav Dimitrov



1.Name: Ventsislav Dimitrov

2. Date of Birth: 21.11.1954, Borino, Bulgaria

3. Academic Title: Associated Professor

4.Spoken Languages: Bulgarian (native, father language); Russian (home language); Turkish (mother language); English (teaching language)

5 Education







Metal Physics

Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Department of Theoretical Physics



Condensed Matter Physics

Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Department of Theoretical Physics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metal Science



6. Academic Titles during the years:






Senior Researcher


Materials Science

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for High Quality and Special Steels


Part-time Associated Professor


Technical University of Sofia


Senior Researcher and Lecturer

Condensed Matter Physics

University of Sofia


Associated Professor

Condensed Matter Physics

University of Sofia





Fatih University


Associated Professor


Isik University

2003-till now

email:; tel. ++90-535-2261184,


7. Experience


“My recent researches are related to theory of liquids (fluidity of normal liquids), theory of metastable states (glasses), nanomaterials and crystal growth theory: in spite of its century history, these theories are far from perfection. Using my results in thermal molecular motion in liquids I do efforts to create a first principle theory of atomic attachment kinetics in phase transformations, including crystal growth.”


I have got my degrees in Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISIS), Department of Theoretical Physics. I was a student of the very well known physicist – the  Nobel Prize Winner in Physics for 2003, Prof.Abrikosov


My Master and PhD degrees were in Theoretical Physics. As a researcher I worked in different subjects of theoretical and applied physics. However my basic contribution to science probably will be the theory of kinetics of growth of layers under plasma modification of solids and kinetics of atomic mobility and solidification of undercooled liquids and transition to glassy state. The theory of atomic mobility (diffusion and viscosity) in disordered system (liquids and amorphous) will have impact on the theory of mobility in nano-crystalline system as well.

I have published more than 50 papers in different branches of the theory of Condensed Matter, Material Science and Metal Technologies. The majority of papers are published in recognized international journals (like Appl.Phys.A, Comp.Matter.Sci., Phys.Stat.Solildi, SurfaceCoat&Tech., Metal Phys., Materials Forum, Vacuum, etc). The last published paper: V.I.Dimitrov, About the kinetics of Normal Crystal Growth, Applied Physics A, vol.77, p.835


8. Scientific Projects carried out:


·        Investigation of High Superconductivity, Bulgarian National Research Science Fund, grant No 195/1991

·        Theoretical Investigation of Crystal Growth from Undercooled Melts, Bulgarian National Research Science Fund, grant No 264/1996


9. Researches


1983-1990 – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Subject – Special High-Nitrogen Steels and Alloys (their materials science and technologies);

1987-1991 – Moscow Institute of Steel and alloys, Department of Theoretical Physics, Subject – Investigation of High Superconductivity

1991-1996 – Institute of Materials Science, Limburg University, Belgium; Subject – Plasma Nitriding of Steels and Alloys.

2000- 2003  –  Fatih University, Istanbul Turkey

2003 up till now – Isik University, Istanbul Turkey/ and Rosendoerff Research Center, Dresden, Germany; Subject – Plasma and Ion Nitriding of Metals; Solidification of Liquids